Work To &Thru College

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Introduction - Working My Way To and Thru College

I was blessed with wonderful parents that guided me throughout my life with love and care. They taught me to work by working with me yet allowed me the freedom to develop on my own. They helped set a goal of getting a college education. This goal was establish when I was two years old when my parents bought two “War Bonds” for me to use for college. Neither parent nor grandparent was able to attend college because of the great depression. Dad did take a home study course in diesel mechanics and, attend an additional year of high school. Both parents read books and taught me to do the same. In writing my story of “working my way to and through college” I want to honor my parents and hopefully show future generations what can be done in good strong families. I hope that readers will see how I progressed as I learned and worked.

Recently Thomas Sowell wrote an article on “The ‘Fairness’ Fraud” countering the idea that upward mobility is lost in American society. I feel that my parents and culture allowed me to move up in society as reported in this article by one of my intellectual heroes.

 “At least one of the recent celebrated statistical studies of social mobility leaves out Asian Americans. Immigrants from Asia are among a number of groups, including American-born Mormons, whose achievements totally undermine the notion that upward mobility can seldom be realized in America.”

Thomas Sowell Feb 25, 2014.

The ‘Fairness” Fraud - 02/25/14-

I am certain that being Mormon helped me. I can only say that I stand on the shoulders of many great ancestors. After my parents my next best role model was probably great-uncle Melvin Wilson.

I hope that this will help my grandchildren as they work their way up in society.