My Story

Kathryn Jermain Wilson

Spring came early in 1941 and along with it came a group of new babies. I happened to be one of the

crowd. Having had two boys and three girls, my parents were not concerned too much as to what sex I would be, just so I was human. They took the whole event nonchalantly. After five others it was no new experience.

My childhood was a normal one. There weren't any girls my age out in Dam Town so I had no other chance than to be a tomboy.

My grade school years were filled with the thrilling experiences of acquiring new friends, and learning to read and write. This was the time of my life when cowboys, secret clubs, and fairy tales were important to me. But before I knew it I was growing older, and soon it was

time to enter Junior High School.

When I entered Junior High, I became aware that there was an opposite sex. This was one of the finest

discoveries I have ever made. It became , exciting instead of boring, to go to school dances now.

In December of 1954 my father died it was very sad. The family was now left to go through life alone. It was sad for the whole family and hard to believe that he wạs no longer with us.

Then came Junior High graduation, and my first high heels and formal . The occasion was s ad and terrifying, because the following fall I would have to enter Payson High School as a little Sophomore.

High school days were not so bad. In fact they wee more exciting than ever. More boys, more dances, and more places to go.

Learning to drive a car was a real thrill to me, I could hardly wait until I was sixteen so I could get a drivers license. Now I could go farther and not be afraid of running in to one of those things called policemen.

I had always admired cheerleaders, and finally in my senior year found myself in front of the student body cheering for all the football and basketball games. Then came High School graduation. It was also sad and terrifying to know that now it was time to go out into the world and see what I could make of myself.

Following graduation Sallie Badham and I went to Salt Lake to live. She went to Business College and I went to Comptometer Schoo. I graduated from Comptometer school in January. I started working for Nelson-Ricks Creamery in September in the accounting department.

In November came the most wonderful experience my life. Kenneth Wilson and I were married.  He is attending the University of Utah, and when he is finished we hope to live comfortable and not have to worry about finances, We want our children to be happy, healthy, and be ablate go to the college of they’re choosing.

This has been my past, my present and my future. It may not be anything extra ordinary, but it has been a lot of fun for me and I wouldn’t trade it for any one else life.