Gpa Tales

Movies and Milk

The kitchen was a place of great interest. We had four white chairs and a table for adults and one small white chair for a child. My chair was identical to the adult chairs but just smaller. Of course my chair was not with the table but since it was a kitchen chair it was in the kitchen never the less.

One of the neat things as I was growing up was going to movies. Dad had the job of changing the theater Marquee when the movie changed and with this went a free trip to the movies. He always took Mom and sometimes he would take me to the movie with them on Saturday night. My favorite movies were cowboy movies and the best of these was Roy Roger and the riders of the purple sage. Going to the movie was a neat experience. You see in those days everyone dressed up when they went “up town” even in Payson. I was dressed up in my white shirt and and dark pants with suspenders and of course my hat. Everyone wore hats or fedoras as they were known. Mormon missionaries were noted for their hats. My father always had a hat on outside but never inside the house, because that was rude. Figure contains a picture of Grandpa Ken ready to go “up town”

One evening I had my bath and was all cleaned up and ready to go to the movie. It seemed that Mom and Dad would never get ready. Oh were my parents slow in getting ready this one evening. I had paced the floor and finally given up on trying to hurry them. I remember very clearly to this day deciding to sit on my small chair by the door and wait impatiently for the movie. I looked and noticed my white chair and sat down, but there was one problem it was not my chair. It was a bucket full of milk or least it was full of milk until I sat in it. Then it was a bucket full of a kid and milk. I remember being stuck in the bucket with milk up to my chin. I let out a scream Help! Help! Mom came in not yet ready for the movie and started cleaning up the kitchen floor as I had displaced a large amount of milk. Mom was really upset and we did not go to the movie that Saturday night. Furthermore she was upset that I thought that a movie was still a possibility. I probably had only one set of close that I could go to town in. In a month or so they forgot about the milk and took me to a movie.