Gpa Tales

Where is the Pepper Shaker?

Now the three room home seems severely limiting but to a small boy it was an expanding universe.  With limited cupboard space everything was on display.  One of the brightest items was the salt and pepper shakers. As I learned to read I became aware of the fact that we got pepper from a flour shaker. There was a problem in our house that we had a red and white salt shaker but no pepper shaker.  We got pepper from a flour shaker. This bothered me but no one would tell me about the pepper  shaker.  I was troubled because grandpa and grandma had a real pepper shaker. Every time I would bring up the subject everyone looked  funny. It was not one of the things that we talked about. Finally I got Jennie to explain the situation. She explained that originally there was a pepper shaker but it got broken. How could someone break the pepper shaker?  After much persistence I finally got the truth. Boyd was known to have a vocabulary that he did not use in Church,  Jennie decided that she needed him to stop using bad language. She threatened to put pepper on his tongue if he did it again.  He did, and she attempted to put pepper on his tongue. The ensuing struggle resulted in a broken pepper shaker.

I had never seen a pepper shake of the same type as our flour and salt shakers. Linda and I were at Kathy and Dave Brinton's home and they had just purchased a shaker that was similar to our old set.  I brought up the missing pepper shaker and they helped me find a pepper shaker that would be identical to the "missing pepper shaker". We then went on to acquire a set that was likely the set that we had but mine has a pepper shaker.

A complete set of Anchor Hocking Vitrock Red Fire-King kitchen ware for the range. I remember the Sugar, Flour, and Salt from Jennie’s set, and vaguely the grease jar.  I never saw the pepper shaker until we purchased these.

Now we have both a Salt and Pepper Shaker!