Missiles Aimed at Zion

In 1981 while I was on Sabbatical leave at the University of  Utah, a proposal to develop a mobile minuteman system throughout the mountain west was proposed.  This would bring a large amount of construction throughout Utah and Nevada. The politicians and business men were salivating at the boom that would arise from this government largesse.  Since I had worked on the minuteman system while at Hercules, I thought that the concept of having a shell game would work. It would allow for a larger number of targets without increasing the number of missiles. I could see where this project might be desirable for the local construction business.  Finally, President Spencer W. Kimball made a statement on the problem.  He just stated that he could see no advantage of aiming every missile in the world at our home or Zion, so to speak. Wow, I had overlooked that obvious question.  Would the construction dollars be worth making your home the focus of an attack?  Every bomber, every missile, every attacking army would be aimed at the state of Utah.  I was impressed by that curt statement with so much wisdom and felt that this was a truly inspired decision. Later, back home in Ohio, at the Golden Lamb at dinner with Shirley Jermain Taylor, we got into a discussion of how controlling the church was. I defended the position as the only reasonable point.  I then realized I was defending the church, something that I  had not done in many years. It was not long after this that I started going back to Church.  It is interesting that in Utah we had spent time with family, spent time in the genealogy library, but never went to Church.  My heart was changing, and I did not notice. President Kimball had reached my heart and mind.