Utah Utes Meet Jesus in the Huddle?

As college students we would meet in the “Huddle” or University coffee shop for lunch or breaks between class.  It was a place for coffee or Coke, and, if necessary, one could review notes or study note cards for an exam.  One day during a morning break in classes,  a small young man walked in and announced that he was Jesus Christ and was here to save the world.  My first thought was, “In the Huddle?”  Soon there were questions flying at him. I watched with interest as he used the scriptures to answer all questions.  I was really impressed with his fearlessness and his knowledge.  He really quoted scriptures with great facility and accuracy as far as I could tell. Pretty soon every one in the coffee shop was asking questions.  All the Mormons were trying to shoot this guy down.  No one was buying food, and the manager was worried about business. Soon they asked the group to go outside so people could eat.  After some time they all went outside on the lawn.  I followed, and the impersonator continued to rebuff all who tried to trip him up.  I then had to go to class, and after an hour I returned.  I noticed that the numbers had diminished but the young man was still putting up a good argument that he was the Savior. Finally, the much diminished group was led by two young men that I assumed were returned missionaries.  This assumption was based on three facts: their age, their  knowledge of the gospel, and their conviction. These two then dealt the final blow to confuse the young pretender.  They had established that he was a just and fair god and the only way to be saved. They then asked if a person that had not been baptized or had any knowledge of Jesus Christ would be saved. Well, he didn’t think that they would.  They then asked him if this was fair. That was the straw that ruined his whole day. He truly understood that it was not fair, but his god had to be fair. What a paradox! How could his god be fair and damn a person who had never heard of him.  I remember thinking that I could answer that, but this great scholar could not. I was thankful to those two men for their faith and their reminder that our gospel was very strong.  This is one of the principles of the gospel that will overcome many worldly ideologies.  

My assumption was that the young man was getting an advanced degree in some religious college. This was some type of an oral examination or defense.  He did very well, but his doctrine was incomplete. Our gospel is strong and true.