Giving My First Priesthood Blessing

Many years before becoming an Elder my father had given me blessings and I had witnessed him give blessings. When I was ordained an elder I had not thought about blessing other people.  I surely didn’t understand the details of anointing, sealing, and blessing, I did know that you need two elders. One morning after Sacrament meeting Bishop Jim Long caught me and said come and help me give a blessing to Phil.  I hesitated and said I don’t think I know how to give a blessing.  He said you can anoint and I will bless.  My next remark was what do I do? He explained carefully the steps in anointing as we entered his office.  He then turned to Phil and asked, “Who do you want to anoint and who do you want to bless”.  Terror struck as Phil said “I want you to anoint and Bro. Wilson to bless”. Bishop nodded to me adding he would guide me through.  The anointing went very well but I was up next.  With some coaching I got the beginning correct and then started to give the blessing.  With some stammering I finally started speaking.  I then used a phrase I had heard my father use. I blessed the “hand of the surgeon”. Unknown to me Phil often requested blessings when he was having problem with depression which does not require surgery. After the blessing, Phil turned to the bishop and said I know that he is man of God because I am having surgery tomorrow for a cyst in my nose. I then recognized the power of the Spirit in my life.  Bishop Long said he was never surprised by blessings.  He noticed my comment but knew that the spirit had spoken. As I think back I am amazed how this blessing went.