The Wilson Story


Base or Directory



Chickens and Clean Coops

Our Backyard: Chicks, Hens, and Roosters

Picking corn 

Paper Route - Deseret News/ Tribune

Digging Ditch - Work is good for the Soul or what my Dad taught me.

Dirty Jobs – The hand baler

The Island Ranching Company : Alfalfa and Grass Hay

Silage corn and sorghum

Mosida - Hay and Dynamite

Seat Wilson- or Automobile seat covers

Pea Vinery

Cannery – Del Monte and beyond

The Safeway Warehouse

Laboratory Technician (Summer)

Teaching Assistant

A Real Job - Hercules 

Statistics and Biometry

Radiation, Biometry, and Ecology 

Computers in Biology 

Fellowships and awards

Thanks for all who helped along the way

A Dream Realized


Gpa Ken